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Equitopia’s Intensive training week 2020

Data: 24-30 April 2020 / 28 August - 6 Sept 2020 Prijs: € 4500,- ex VAT
  • If you register for the first course cost will be € 2350,-
  • The course will be taught in English
  • Includes a tasty and healthy lunch and two diners with the group

Program :

Intensive week I
Day 1 9h – 10h Introduction who is who / agenda
10h-10.30h Tour Equi Smart
10.30-13uh Theory Biomechanics
13h-14h Lunch
14h – 18h Theory introduction to your horse connection with your horse
Practice connection with your horse
18h – 19h Demo
19.00h diner
Day 2 9h – 9.30h Demo work in hand
9.30h -11.30h Practice Work in hand
11.30h -12.30h Theory Riding in balance
12.30h – 13.30h Lunch
13.30h-17.30h Practice bodywork Riding in balance
Day 3 9h-11h Theory Fascia / bodywork
11h – 13h Praktice Bodywork
13h-14h Lunch
14h-18h Practice Riding
18.30h diner
19.30h-21.30h Practice Feldenkrais
Day off Kings day
Day 4 9h-13h Theory positve training
Theory teaching students positive training
Practice connection with second horse
13h-14h Lunch
14h-16h practice work in hand
16h-19h Theory / practice Saddles / effect rider on saddle
Day 5 9h -12h Practice Joker
12h-13h Theory Riding
14h-17h Practice Riding
18h-19h diner
19h-21h Feldenkrais
Day 6 9h-10h Theory
10h-13h Practice Riding
13h-14h Lunch
14h-16h anatomy homework/ round up
-anatomy horse (movies equitopia)
– cases for intensice week II
Intensive week II
Day 1 9h-10h Introduction What happend sinds last training
10h-13h Behavior cases from students
13h-14h Lunch
14h-18h Theory Rider/horse behaviour
Practice Rider/horse behaviour
18h- 20h diner
Day 2 9h -13h Theory assesing the horse
Practice assessing the horse
13h-14h Lunch
14h-17h Practice Riding
17h-19h Theory and practice Bit and briddle
Day 3 9h-10h Theory Biomechanics / fascia relaese
10h-13h practice bodywork
13h-14h Lunch
14h-16h Practice work in hand/ pole training
16h-18h Practice Joker
18h-20h diner
20h- 22h practice inside Feldenkrais / rider balance
Day to relax or visit Amsterdam
Day 4 9h-10h Theory
10h-13h Practice Riding
13h-14h Lunch
14h-15h Demo + theory work in hand
15h-16.30h Practice Work in hand (teach eachother)
17h-19h Rider Balance Surefoot / trampo / balls
Day 5 9h-10h Theory lateral work
10h-13h practice Riding lateral work
13h-14h Lunch
14h-16h practice Train the trainer
16h – 18h Train your eye (short movies cases from students)
18h- 20h diner
Day 6 9h-10h Theorie rijden
10h-13h Rijden
13h -14h Lunch
14h-15.30h Work in hand
15.30h-16.30h recap + closing




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