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What we do

We breed and train sustainable horses. The horse’s welfare is our first priority, in any way possible. We also organize various training courses to share knowledge about how to get and keep a horse healthy, because that’s not very easy. There are so many things to think about (health, nutrition, training, hooves, bit, bridle, saddle) and everyone around offers their own advice. In the end, the owner will have to make all the right decisions.

We organise various workshops, clinics and multi-day training sessions to give the participants – owners and professional trainers – as much tools as possible to make the right decisions or to share their knowledge with others.

Together with Equitopia we organize the multi-day training sessions (intensive training weeks and weekends). Equitopia is a foundation whose mission it is to empower the horse industry with reliable resources, supported by research and evidence, to guide them in the evolution towards compassionate horsemanship.

Our vision

Breeding and training sustainable sport horses

It is our vision that sport horses can both, be healthy and achieve the best results in competitions – even in the long term – by keeping and training them in a horse-friendly way.

In the Netherlands and the countries around us, we have been breeding sensitive and particularly hypermobile horses for years: unprecedented looseness, especially in the foreleg and neck. As a result, the horses are also less stable and strong. Therefore, modern horses are more prone to injuries.


However, training methods which might include forceful training and even damaging methods like “Low-Deep-Round”, have not been adjusted: in fact, the current methods are actually counterproductive. In addition, most (sport) horses are still kept in individual stalls and are being fed three times a day, while by their nature they are herd animals and should live on steppes: continuously in motion, with the availability of food throughout the day and being able to have social contacts.

We live in a prosperous country and in modern, and rapidly changing times. We and many others believe that the time has come to take equestrian sports and the way we keep our horses to a new level. Fortunately, that development has already been set in motion, in the Netherlands and especially abroad. We gladly contribute our part to changing the world into a horse-friendly environment.


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